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Edith Allan

I am a chemical analyst and also equestrian sports masseur, basic equestrian coach, and EMMETT 4 Horses Professional (EHP1). EMMETT surprised me greatly when I received treatments for my frozen shoulder myself. No Pain No Gain simply does not apply! Emmett is a great technique to help the body make muscle tension disappear. In combination with regular massage a great tool to help your horse...

Adaptability Can Create Ability

Debbie Leonard

Hi my name is Debra (Debbie) Leonard and I was born in England in 1960.  When I was born my left arm just below the elbow was missing. I find doing things with only one hand can be a bit of a challenge, it can take me a bit longer and I sometimes have to do things that look a bit odd!  I got into horses in England at the age of eight, then came out to Australia in the early...

Why are the EMMETT Short Courses Important?

Sarah Leagas – West Australia 

Back to Basics…These words from Sarah Leagas in Country West Australia are the reason Ross Emmett created the Emmett Technique Short Courses. “Brilliant! So practical. I learnt small easy moves to help my animals with the most common issues they may have. Being located in a remote country area without access to treatment or therapists, this has been great to help my own...

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

I wish all Emmett 4 Animal practitioners a very enjoyable and festive season, and a prosperous New Year for 2019. It has been a pleasure to make contact with many of you and hopefully I will meet the remainder in the New Year. A sincere thanks to the instructors who have shared my Technique with passion and professionalism. Merry Christmas to all. May we meet in 2019, Ross

Everyone can benefit from doing a Horse Course

Testimonial from Emmett Practitioner Kim Elkins - USA

" I really enjoyed the course, if you ever have any doubt that Emmett works you need to only watch someone perform some Emmett Techniques on a horse - there's no denying the effects. I have found that taking the horse courses has really enhanced my understanding of the human moves. I really believe that everyone should take a few courses of both human and animal Emmett for a much richer...

Toby the Dachshund

"YAY" now I can sit properly

“I met Toby one day when his owner came a for a treatment. I had just learnt the foot/ankle move for Emmett and was keen to try them out when the owner who presented with a foot/ankle issue. It was remarkable how quickly it corrected the imbalance. The lady was very happy and has to this day not had another problem. She asked if I could take a look at Toby 2-year-old Dachshund. He had not...

EMMETT 4 Dogs - a great experience

Thank You Linda

I have just completed my Practitioner Accreditation Day after level 4 in dogs with Linda Cause.   I just wish to have it noted that Linda is an absolute credit to Ross and the Emmett Technique.  She has a fantastic approach, teaching style and a genuine care for all coming through.  Linda has changed my life and nurtured my passion for animals and I will be...
Pixel's amazing recovery.....

Pixel's amazing recovery.....

Emergency vet treatment required....and then there was EMMETT !

My dog, Pixel, had been at the emergency vet for nearly 48hrs as the result of an obstruction in her stomach that involved surgery. She had not eaten in nearly 60 hours.


I came into the vet with bbq chicken and her favourite treat in the hope that she would eat and I could take her home.

She was not interested in the food at all. She would pick it up and drop it. I tried different ways for ten minutes in the rom and I managed to get her to eat half a pea size piece of cabanossi and she looked really uncomfortable swallowing.


The nurse came back and I said her throat seemed sore and that she didn't like swallowing. The nurse didn't seem to think there was a reason she should be.


When the nurse left the room I did the neck release, the jaw/tongue and the double release. I figured at this point I had nothing to lose.

She is a dog that is usually quite reactive to treatment but I got very little response from her until the third move on the jaw/tongue. She just paused still for what seemed like an eternity.

Three minutes later she was eating without a problem at all and in perfect timing for the vet to walk in and see she was eating and actively seeking food. She wasn't allowed home if she wasn't eating.


I started EMMETT 4 Dogs to be able to treat my dogs mostly for dog sports, but I never realised just how much I would use it in so many scenarios.

 ..... Nic Mather


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