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Why are the EMMETT Short Courses Important?

Sarah Leagas – West Australia 

Back to Basics…These words from Sarah Leagas in Country West Australia are the reason Ross Emmett created the Emmett Technique Short Courses. “Brilliant! So practical. I learnt small easy moves to help my animals with the most common issues they may have. Being located in a remote country area without access to treatment or therapists, this has been great to help my own...

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

I wish all Emmett 4 Animal practitioners a very enjoyable and festive season, and a prosperous New Year for 2019. It has been a pleasure to make contact with many of you and hopefully I will meet the remainder in the New Year. A sincere thanks to the instructors who have shared my Technique with passion and professionalism. Merry Christmas to all. May we meet in 2019, Ross

Everyone can benefit from doing a Horse Course

Testimonial from Emmett Practitioner Kim Elkins - USA

" I really enjoyed the course, if you ever have any doubt that Emmett works you need to only watch someone perform some Emmett Techniques on a horse - there's no denying the effects. I have found that taking the horse courses has really enhanced my understanding of the human moves. I really believe that everyone should take a few courses of both human and animal Emmett for a much richer...

Toby the Dachshund

"YAY" now I can sit properly

“I met Toby one day when his owner came a for a treatment. I had just learnt the foot/ankle move for Emmett and was keen to try them out when the owner who presented with a foot/ankle issue. It was remarkable how quickly it corrected the imbalance. The lady was very happy and has to this day not had another problem. She asked if I could take a look at Toby 2-year-old Dachshund. He had not...

EMMETT 4 Dogs - a great experience

Thank You Linda

I have just completed my Practitioner Accreditation Day after level 4 in dogs with Linda Cause.   I just wish to have it noted that Linda is an absolute credit to Ross and the Emmett Technique.  She has a fantastic approach, teaching style and a genuine care for all coming through.  Linda has changed my life and nurtured my passion for animals and I will be...
Pixel's amazing recovery.....

Pixel's amazing recovery.....

Emergency vet treatment required....and then there was EMMETT !

My dog, Pixel, had been at the emergency vet for nearly 48hrs as the result of an obstruction in her stomach that involved surgery. She had not eaten in nearly 60 hours.


I came into the vet with bbq chicken and her favourite treat in the hope that she would eat and I could take her home.

She was not interested in the food at all. She would pick it up and drop it. I tried different ways for ten minutes in the rom and I managed to get her to eat half a pea size piece of cabanossi and she looked really uncomfortable swallowing.


The nurse came back and I said her throat seemed sore and that she didn't like swallowing. The nurse didn't seem to think there was a reason she should be.


When the nurse left the room I did the neck release, the jaw/tongue and the double release. I figured at this point I had nothing to lose.

She is a dog that is usually quite reactive to treatment but I got very little response from her until the third move on the jaw/tongue. She just paused still for what seemed like an eternity.

Three minutes later she was eating without a problem at all and in perfect timing for the vet to walk in and see she was eating and actively seeking food. She wasn't allowed home if she wasn't eating.


I started EMMETT 4 Dogs to be able to treat my dogs mostly for dog sports, but I never realised just how much I would use it in so many scenarios.

 ..... Nic Mather

A new lease on life for 'Benoir' the Greyhound...One VERY lucky pup!

and they say only cats have 9 lives....

We received this wonderful update by Sarah, the grateful owner of 'Benoir, an elderly Greyhound dog...amazing story with GREAT results using the EMMETT Technique - well done Sandra Junckerstorff in Perth, Western Australia. "Just a quick message to say thank Sandra for seeing Benoir, my beautiful Greyhound gentleman who was tragically run over by our bobcat. Benoir had a lucky escape from...

Elderly Shetland Pony

Much happier Now! How EMMETT helped little "Heino"

Our Shetland Pony "Heino" is over 20 years of age. He was labeled with Cushing, as a result of that he ended up with "tying up".  The vet thought that he would have to be put down. One day after receiving his first Emmett Treatment the owner said "I was very sceptical about the Emmett Technique, but I saw how Heino reacted. He relaxed and had more energy the day after. He walked again and...


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