Gayle Jewson

EMMETT 4 Horses Instructor & Practitioner

Yarra Glen, VIC

Gayle Jewson
  • Gayle Jewson is an Emmett Practitioner.  Gayle adds to her skills with Massage, Bowen, ISET (Intergrated self empowerment technique), QBE (Quantum Bioenergetics), Reiki and Schiem  for humans and Emmett Practitioner and Iridology with horses.

    Most passionately an Emmett 4 Horses instructor. 

    Gayle is quoted as saying “ It is so exciting to watch Emmett students see their horses through Emmett eyes.  It is such a different way of seeing”

    She grew up with a passion for horses and spent a lot of time with an old race horse trainer as a mentor.  This man knew such a lot about body work and shared this knowledge.            How can an elite athlete give its best if it has pain and discomfort?

    As an adult Gayle has done Biomechanics and Dissection courses to continue this journey of learning. 

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  • EMMETT 4 Animals Horse & Dogs Short Course

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    This practical and affordable short course will teach you how to relieve common muscle restrictions in your horse or dog.

    The EMMETT Technique

    is a gentle muscle release therapy using light pressure at specific points. It is internationally recognised and taught in over 20 countries worldwide. This gentle and safe muscle release technique may increase movement and improve balance for your animal. By decreasing pain and restriction you will notice an enhanced performance, behaviour and quality of life.


    There is no prior learning required and the course is open to students from 14yo and upwards. You will be surprised at how easy it is to make positive changes for your animal.



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