Horse Course Feedback

The difference in my horses temperament before and after the treatment was outstanding. He was very chilled in a relatively short space of time. Certainly much more relaxed.


Thank you, Pedro, for an informative day with Emmett Therapy. I would definitely recommend all Emmett Practitioners to experience Emmett for Horses. :)


I really enjoyed this course, was a lot of info to take in, but was great to have some work on us prior to working on the horses to get a better understanding.


Well delivered, even understood it as a middle aged confused woman! Took copious notes and will go home to decipher & practice! Thank you from myself and on behalf of my animals.


Excellent course, amazing wow moments, highly recommend it and this is only the short course.


I am astounded at the fantastic results I saw on all of the horses we worked with. I look forward to practicing the corrections on my own horses and would highly recommend this course to all horse riders-owners.


I thoroughly enjoyed my course. I loved the contact with horses & really enjoyed watching the teachers helping the horses being corrected. To see 'instant' results was very exciting. I would highly recommend this course to anyone. I'm very excited to start practicing on my own horses- & I'm looking forward to learning some more.


Great course. Could see it has very positive results. Neil was always very patient and encouraging.


This course is probably life-changing. Seeing the profound results produced by raw beginners is absolutely eye-popping!


I love learning the Emmett Technique to work in conjunction with saddle fitting.
It actually makes my fitting occupation harder and more timely, but a lot more effective.

Kelly, Saddle Fitter, Bodywork

Gayle & Rebecca make a good team and their combined efforts in presentation make it easy for learning.
This weekend has been fun, exciting, educational and simply a great learning environment.
I am taking so much home with me, along with a smile on my face.


LOVE working with Gayle & Rebecca. They present all information so well in a professional and fun environment, and never have made me feel inferior or silly for asking any question. They complement one another in a way that makes sure no student falls through the cracks.
Big Thumbs Up :-)


Found this a very interesting course with plenty to learn.
Everything was well explained then demonstrated on the horses.
All questions asked were clearly answered.


Thanks Tony!
I was very excited to see the results both subtle and dramatic from such an apparently "simple" technique.
I can't wait to complete further modules and integrate this skill into my veterinary practice as I have been seeing a need for a similiar therapy for some time.

Libby, Veterinary Surgeon

Love working with horses and love learning how to make them perform better and feel better.
The course with Tony was great!!!
It was amazing to see how the little things make a huge difference.


The movements learnt in Level 1 will be useful to help correct problems with my horses.
You can see changes in the horse very quickly.

Kerri, breeding, training & shoeing horses

- Great selection of horses to work on
- Lots of opportunity to practice & refine moves
- Doing assessment & treatment practice of one horse was very helpful
- I appreciate the level of detail given to finding correct placement & then application in relation to angles, pressure, adjustments for size & type of horse
Thanks Neil

Horse Level 3 Course


Neil presents and instructs in a very clear and easy to understand way. The course was fun and enjoyable. The results from the horses we treated speaks for itself. Amazing.

Horse Level 3 Course


I have been a qualified Veterinary Practitioner for 21 years and have wide experience in most aspects of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery, injury rehabilitation, equine and small animal biomechanics, function and therapy.

I commenced the EMMETT4Horses Practitioners program facilitated by Gary Wells, approximately 18 months ago, completing the 5th and final level in June this year and have from the outset combined these new skills into my day to day treatment with horses.

During this time, I have increased the utilisation of the Emmett technique to a point where I now administer these neuromuscular release adjustments at a ratio of approximately 80% of the treatment delivered.

I find that horses are generally far more receptive to the gentle, noninvasive approach, making the EMMETT Technique significantly more effective in resolving muscular issues.

In so far as learning the technique, I found the 2-day practitioner clinics to be efficient and effective and to represent significant value for money.

EMMETT 4 Horses Practitioner Modules


I have professionally known Gary for the past 4 years. He and the Emmett Therapy came highly recommended by many of my horse loving friends. I have found it a very gentle and effective way to maintain my horses' wellbeing and performance.

Gary is passionate about his work and is happy to share his knowledge and expertise. He invited me to do the Emmett4Horses Practitioner Course 2 years ago. This was so interesting to me as an integrative Medical Practitioner as it also included human moves to help the rider.

Gary and his team are very effective teachers and all the courses and sessions I have attended have been professionally run. Gary Wells is an experienced therapist. His focus is to make the learning experience more relevant, practical and understandable.

Emmett 4 Horses Practitioner Modules



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