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I loved Lindas energy and enthusiasm for Emmett and for dogs. Linda has a great knowledge that sh has been able to share in relation to animals. Lindas style is easy to follow she is always approachable to answer any questions.


I have just completed my practitioner day after level 4 in dogs with Linda Cause.

I just wish to have it noted that Linda is an absolute credit to Ross and the Emmett Technique. She has a fantastic approach, teaching style and a genuine care for all coming through. Linda has changed my life and nurtured my passion for animals and I will be forever in her debt". (Monique Hutchinson – Perth WA)


My dog had been at the emergency vet for nearly 48 hrs as a result of an obstruction in her stomach that involved surgery. She had not eaten since, in nearly 60 hours.

I came into the vet with bbq chicken and her favourite treat in the hope that she would eat and I could take her home.

She was not interested in the food at all. She would pick it up and drop it. I tried different ways for ten minutes and managed to get her to eat half a pea size piece, and she looked really uncomfortable swallowing.
The nurse came back and I said her throat seemed sore and that she didn't like swallowing. The nurse didn't seem to think there was a reason that she should be.

When the nurse left the room, I did the neck release, the jaw/tongue and the double release. I figured at this point I had nothing to lose. She is a dog that is usually quite reactive to treatment but I got very little response from her until the third move on the jaw/tongue. She just paused still for what seemed like an eternity.

Three minutes later she was eating without a problem and in perfect timing for the vet to walk in and see she was eating and actively seeking food. She wasn't allowed home if she wasn't eating!

I started EMMETT 4 Dogs to be able to treat my dogs for dog sports, but I never realised just how much I would use it in so many scenarios.


Many thanks for your patience and guidance Sharon, in teaching me Emmett 4 Animals. You have been a wonderful instructor and I admire your passion and belief in the technique to help both animals and people. I can't wait to continue to use Emmett to help my patients, family and friends.


Thank you Sharon for your careful, patient instruction and fantastic communication this year. The skills set and network we have all built will no doubt help many dogs far and wide, well into the future.


Just wanted to tell you about my experience with Emmett.......I recently did the level 1 course in Sydney with Linda Cause........I did have some knowledge of your technique through Danny Cook working on my daughter's horse, so when the course was offered for dogs, I jumped at it as I show Pointers.

I have never done any course involving massage, bowen etc etc in my life........thoroughly enjoyed the course, though did put my brain into overload....LOL... so glad I was given a work book to jog my memory.

Something Linda said at the end of the course still rings in my ears....."take away what you learnt, apply it to your dog/s, and I look forward to hearing about the improvements and big wins"

That is exactly what I did.......I have seen a great improvement in my dogs movement. he is looser, more relaxed and covers more ground......and the BIG wins did happen.....winning Runner Up Best in Show at our North of the Harbour International Show and following it up with Best in Group at the Sydney Kennel Club International.


The instructions were very easy and simple to listen and learn and follow through on - that even a person like me who doesn't own a dog can manage to pick it up and apply.


Very good course. All aspects were well explained and plenty of time to practice. Thanks Sharon


Excellent course. Changes in the dogs and their movement were fantastic to see. To also be able to feel the change whilst visualising the effects of the correction were of great benefit to myself as a visual learner.


Astrid is an excellent instructor who knows her stuff. I like her style of presentation and explanation.

Emmett 4 Animals - Dog Course Level 2


Very well presented, great to have both Astrid and Linda as we learnt from both of them. The animals were very well behaved and we saw changes in all of them.

Emmett 4 Animals, Dog Course - Level 1


Loved learning the techniques and seeing how the dogs react. Course was nicely managed and very informative. This was my first Emmett course and I am looking forward to the next one. I have the feeling I am well prepared to apply the techniques in practice.

Emmett 4 Animals - Dog Course Level 1


Thank you Astrid for your clarity, experience and appreciation of the techniques presented. I appreciate that you had the patience for our learning process and took the time to ensure we understood the movements. Thank you Astrid! Hope to see you again soon!


My 14 year old dog had a bad roaching issue. He is now levelled out and has a new lease on life. Even vets can't believe how old he is. He is like a puppy again. His legs are stronger, he is climbing stairs again where a year ago vets were telling me he shouldn't climb stairs anymore.


I did like the combination of using human and dog moves. I feel comfortable to help people and dogs to get the improvement they need.


Fantastic course - I love Emmett, enjoy working with animals and never stop being amazed with the responses and results with such a gentle application. I am really excited about doing all the modules


The course was amazing and the results were able to be seen straight away. There was a lot of practical work involved to make sure we understood each move. I would highly recommend to anyone who has an interest in helping dogs to do this course


The course was well presented and informative without being overwhelmed with information - Great backup


FANTASTIC! I will be recommending this to everyone I know. It is great to do some human moves as well as dogs, so there is relief for the dog handler also...Great info, easy to understand and everyone was very helpful. Unreal experience.


Amazing experience - to see an immediate release and response on the dogs was awesome. I was very grateful to have received this training and am definitely looking forward to the next module. Thank you for sharing Ross.



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